Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birth Month Flowers

January – Carnation

February – Iris, Violet

March – Daffodil

April – Daisy, Peonies

May – Lily, Lily of the Valley

June – Rose

July – Delphinium

August – Dahlia, Gladiolus

September – Aster, Forget-me-not

October – Calendula (aka Marigold)

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite

Anniversary Flowers by Year

1st anniversary – On the 1st anniversary, Carnations represent the bonds of commitment and joy for the years ahead.

2nd anniversary – On the 2nd anniversary, Lily of the Valley symbolizes the purity of your relationship along with devotion.

3rd anniversary – On the 3rd anniversary, Sunflowers represent the bond and also indicates the strength & warmth that is shown in loyalty and fidelity.

4th anniversaryHydrangea is the flower representing the 4th anniversary, symbolizing gratefulness and appreciation.

5th anniversary – On the 5th anniversary, Daisies represent the innocence and gentleness of a romantic future.

6th anniversary – On the 6th anniversary, Calla Lilies represent the growth and beauty of love celebrated and wisdom.

7th anniversary – On the 7th anniversary, Freesia stands for trust and faithfulness.

8th anniversary – On the 8th anniversary, Lilacs symbolize the fondness of a couples’ love and their first emotions.

9th anniversary – On the 9th anniversary, Bird of Paradise represents the magnificence and splendor of celebrating your love.

10th anniversary – On the 10th anniversary,Yellow Daffodils represent the simple pleasures that a couple shares.

11th anniversary – On the 11th anniversary, Tulips symbolize your love and devotion as well as deep passion.

12th anniversary – The Peony conveys a message of honor and the fortune of a happy relationship on the 12th anniversary.

13th anniversary – On the 13th anniversary, Chrysanthemums represent the abundance of love.

14th anniversary – On the 14th anniversary, Orchids represent understanding, mature charm, & pure affection.

15th anniversary – On the 15th anniversary, Roses celebrate the beauty and simplicity of love between two individuals.

20th anniversary – On the 20th anniversary, the Aster symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

25th anniversary – On the 25th anniversary, the Iris symbolizes the faith and promise of a blissful and lasting marriage.

30th anniversary – On the 30th anniversary, the Lily means an abundance of pride, beauty and devotion.

40th anniversary – On the 40th anniversary, Gladiolus signifies vibrancy and remembrance.

50th anniversary – For the 50th anniversary, Yellow Roses and violets celebrates virtue, humility and faith.